Sunday, November 18, 2001

It's Sunday and I'm at work. Yippee. I have a ton of writing to do and haven't really put a dent in it. I'll have to get to work for the rest of the time I'm here and all day tomorrow between meetings. Yippee.

I went to a party last night for the birthdays of some friends of friends and had a very good time. I spent most of the evening talking to a very nice, funny, attractive, 26 year-old, British, grad student. It went well. I hope it continues to. I'm very glad I went, shortly before leaving I was tempted to ditch out and do some work moving into my new apartment. Speaking of which, I wasn't able to get my things moved in this weekend as planned because the person with a truck who was going to help bailed on me. Oh, well, I've a couple weeks before I have to be out.

Thanksgiving is coming up and I have no idea what I'm going to do. I'll probably end up cleaning up my aparment some more. I don't think it'd be too kosher to spend the day moving stuff while others are trying to have a nice, quiet dinner.

Things to do. More soon.


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