Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I ordered a shirt from the the Monkeyfan store last week (this one) and it arrived a couple of days ago. When I opened the package I accidently cut the shoulder of the shirt. It seems like a waste to send it back and get it replaced, so I asked Angel if it were possible to fix such a thing and she said it wasn't just possible, but she'd be willing to do it! That's so cool. I thought I'd have to take it somewhere to get it fixed. It's such a silly thing. Angel made me very happy.

I'm disappointed in my friends from LSS (except you Greg). They started out blogging merrily, but their posts have now dwindled to a meager pace.

Speaking of water; apparently Seattle received a record rain yesterday. Five point some-odd inches in a day. It's funny because Yahoo did an article about it and that's the first place I've seen someone honestly write about the weather out here. I can't find the article anymore, but it was funny to finally see someone write about how rain here is mostly just a drizzle and that we don't get any more rain here than most Midwestern or Eastern cities, we just get a constant misting...and no thunderstorms. God, I love thunderstorms.

Hey, apparently Nothing Good Can Come of This has dropped in the Google ratings from first place down quite a few places. I don't know how it went from #1 to so far down the list, but I'm saddened. *Pout* Any advice, oh Web-savvy friends?


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