Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Few Updates

I took some pictures of all of the miniatures I've been painting (mostly since I moved to California) and posted them to Flickr. I also posted a relative handful of pictures from last weekend's trip to San Francisco with Julia, so go check them out and enjoy.

Work has been good. I've been spending my time creating three new linked missions for Champions Online and while they're not finished, they're darn close and I could have finished them off this weekend if I actually knew how to use all of the tools at my disposal, but I guess that's what training is for, right?

I've been playing a fair amount of the game I'm working on, which has been fun and very educational. I see the problems and I'm always thinking about how to make it more interesting and fun. And the great thing is that the game is already a lot of fun, so anything I add will only make it better.

Yesterday (Saturday), Jim and I went to Randy's to do some gaming. That was a very good time and I really hope we can maintain the schedule a bit better than we have over the last couple of months. Of course, next week, I'm back in Seattle, so that'll throw things off. Hopefully the rest of them will still get together.

Time for me to go play the game and find some dinner.


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