Monday, November 19, 2001

Today I'd like to discuss writing by committee.

It doesn't work.

Wasn't that simple? I thought so. Apparenly other people think it's perfectly acceptable. Let's say you're hired to . . . write ads for a company, just as an example, but every time you have to write something you have to meet with two or three other people. In this meeting they talk until they all agree on a theme or idea that they think is the kernel of the main point of the ad, then they suggest some copy. Usually something like, "Totally two-dimensional games" but then add, "but with smart words."

Now that you've been given the idea and all you have to do is "make it smart" you go back and write it. Smart. Then you meet again to show everyone what you have. They, of course, don't like it. The theme is wrong. The main point is wrong. There are too few or too many words. So they tear apart the ad and come up with a completely new theme -- or better yet -- do that and then turn around and decide the original was just fine after meeting for a half and hour.

So then you go back and write, but you know the final ad will be picked apart and changed. Oh! Oh! Oh! And the ad is already late because they blew off the actual, scheduled meeting time because they're one of the owners of the company. Smart.

So, ahhhh. Happy day.

I've taken to wearing my headphones at work. I find that it's easier to concentrate that way and people don't try to socialize with me as much. Sometimes I even listen to music.

I want to eat dinner at the Hubbard Avenue Diner. Instead I think I'll eat tuna sandwiches. Then I'll go move stuff to my new apartment and try to settle in a little bit. I still have a lot to do there.


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