Monday, October 27, 2003

I'm develping a habit of not spending much time at work on the weekends. I'm pretty sure that's a good thing.

Friday I was supposed to go to the gym...wait. First off, I've been very, very bad about going to the gym. Last week I missed every day that I was supposed to go during the week. I've been saying for a while that I need to get serious about it again, but it's really fallen out of my routine and I need to get back to the point that I don't have to think about it; I just do it.

Anyway, Friday, instead of going to the gym I had dinner with Shane, Cathy, Ethan, and Kian at one of the local Thai places. After dinner, Shane, Cathy, and I went to see Mystic River. It was very good. Excellent actors and good direction from Clint Eastwood. It was worth full price just to see some of those actors working together.

Saturday I made it to the gym, then headed downtown to get comics and pick up the final piece of my costume for the Halloween party this weekend from the Army/Navy Surplus store. It should be fun. Speaking of the Army/Navy place, for some reason, I really want one of those tri-fold shovels. Isn't that weird? I saw some at the store and thought, "Wow, it'd be cool to have one of those." I've always wanted one. Of course, I've also always wanted to own a crossbow. Man, I want a crossbow. Anyway, costume complete. Now I just need to shave off my year-old facial hair to prepare for it. It'll be funny to see the reactions of people whom I've met in the last year when they see me clean shaved. It's odd to think that they have no concept of me without the goatee, especially considering I haven't had facial hair before the last year.

I saw some leather jackets at the Army/Navy store and it reminded me that I kinda want one of those, too. However, I've never wanted one of those before. It's a recent desire. Why? I dunno.

Saturday night I picked up Shane and Cathy and we drove north of Seattle to Everett and met a number of people from work for dinner and a visit to a Jaycee-run "haunted forest". Dinner was okay, but overpriced. The haunted forest was silly, short, but fun with a couple of very cool moments. Particularly funny was when we rounded a corner to see a guy stooped over a glowing kettle, he was holding a string of shrunken heads and he jiggled them and moaned a bit in an attempt to try and freak us out. However, after the others moved ahead on the path, he looked up at Shane and I (we'd fallen back a bit) and said, "Man, you guys totally caught me off-guard. I wasn't ready at all...I nearly fell on my ass down the hill...and now all my skulls are tangled up." Heh, heh.

Sunday I went to the gym. Realized Daylight Savings had gone into effect, then went to work to meet with Jason and his wife to talk about some of the responsibilities of his new job. He was moved from his old job to a new position and since I'd dome a similar job when I started here he wanted to ask me some questions. We talked over lunch and he seemed to feel better about things afterwards. I think he'll do fine.

The alarm system at work was freaking out, so I had to deal with some of that, but that's more annoying than interesting, so that's all I'll say. I promised Will, who was layed off on Monday, that I'd run a painting and a couple other things over to his place, so I loaded everything up in my car (except for a computer tower that wasn't put together. I'll do that one some other time.) and went to his and Johanna's new place. It was nice. Very cluttered because they just moved and were just married a couple weeks before that, but it's quite spacious and has a lot of character. It's on a corner, too, which is nice.

I talked with them, got the tour, then had to get back to work so I could run my D&D game. That was very entertaining, but wow is it taking a long time to get through this adventure. Whew!

Today was a normal work day and now I'm going to have some dinner and go to the gym. Tomorrow I'm going to call and buy a new computer (about damn time).


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