Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Lot Can Happen in Two Months!

I was tempted to wait a couple of days and post on the 9th, just so it had been an even two months since my last post, but that seemed a bit silly.

Anyway, when last I wrote, I was days away from leaving Cryptic and California for my home and wife in Seattle. The move when just fine. I ended up renting a large SUV, loading up all my stuff -- except for the things I either sold or left for the other guy in the house to use -- and left by about 12:30 on Saturday the 13th.

The drive was fine, especially after the first couple of hours when I made it to I-5, which took me all the way up to Seattle. It's nice when you can get on a road and just go with no need to think about the next turn you have to take.

After about six hours, I was still feeling pretty good, so I called Julia and told her I was feeling like I might just make the whole trip that night, which would put me in at about 2:00am. The radio didn't come in very well in the mountains, so I picked up a book on tape and also listened to a couple of movies (the SUV had a DVD player for the back seats, so I could listen, but not watch the movies... probably a good thing). I'd estimated pretty well and made it home by about 2:30am and found my lovely wife up and doing housework while waiting for me! That was a nice surprise -- that she was up and waiting, not that she was doing housework. I think that was so she'd stay awake.

Since then, we've gotten back into the swing of living together again -- for the first time as a married couple! Had Thanksgiving, gotten back into some regular gaming with local friends, traveled to Wisconsin for a nice visit with my family for Christmas, and done a lot of work for my new day job at Green Ronin. It's really been great to be home. Twenty months away was too long.

I won't make you wait so long for an update next time.