Monday, December 10, 2001

It's nice to know art isn't dead.

I got so busy today (basically treading water) that I didn't get a chance to get here at all.

I had a fun weekend with Tim in town. We went to a party Friday night thrown by some of the guys I work with. Tim used to work with one of the women who was going to be there and they spent most of the night catching up and talking about life. Whereas I spent most of the night talking to people -- especially this cute girl that I really shouldn't have been interested in at all. But sometimes I still go for the "punkish" chicks. I thought I was over that.

Saturday we played a game with some people at work, checked out the store WizKids owns, and returned Tim's rental car. Then it was off into the woodlands to find the owner of the company's house. It was large and not very homey in my opinion, but it was big and had some cool things in it. Including a nice Schuiten print I was jealous of. We left the party around midnight and crashed. Early the next morning I drove him down to the train. That was about it for the weekend.

Oh, I met with my personal trainer for the first time at noon and that went well. It seems like that will be good for me. We meet again on Wednesday and she may have a food plan for me.

I checked into contacting the young woman I met a while ago at a party and got her e-mail address. I hope that goes well. The person I asked for the e-mail address from asked her if it was okay to give it to me and she said it was okay. I hope that's an open door. I would really like that.

That's all for now.


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