Friday, December 07, 2001

Tim has made it to town, shown his goods (heh, heh) around to a couple of places and then met me out at work. Where I immediately co-opted him into a playtest of the large scale battle and castle rules for Mage Knight. It went well in the beginning, and we took out lots of minotaur warriors as they attacked the walls, but out opponents managed to squeak past us on points and won the field. Damn. Overall the game was pretty fun and I enjoyed playing the Atlanteans, whom I haven't used before.

After that we went to dinner at Chili's (since I know Seattle is the only place that has them). Tim was apparently pretty tired, because as soon as his head hit the futon (not violently) he was dead asleep.

The playtest took some time from my day yesterday, so I have to muscel through some work today. Time to get back to it.


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