Sunday, December 02, 2001

I changed the look of the blog a number of times before deciding on this one. I hope you like it.

I came into work, but haven't really done a damn thing. That's probably okay, but it means I'll have to write like hell Monday and Tuesday to make up for it. It's nice to relax in front of the computer for a while instead of always stressing in front of it.

I had a long talk with Kim last night. She was very funny and we had a good time, despite the fact that she was coming off of a pain-in-the-ass of a week. We had a good talk.

I signed up for a personal trainer at the gym yesterday. They were having a "sale" that was a pretty good deal. I say "sale" in quotes because it's still DAMN expensive -- and I paid about 60% of what they normally charge. But I've hit a wall, I'm sorry, plateau, and I think I need help to get moving again. I'll meet with Kelly (I think) next Sunday for the first time. I hope it goes well, I'm really pretty excited about it despite the cost.

I finally did some unpacking yesterday. It's surprising how much time it takes and yet how fast it goes. I had a good time taking things out of boxes and trying to find places for it. Unfortunately one of the mail areas that I have to fill is currently where all the boxes are sitting, so that takes a little coordinating. I'm trying to keep all of my gaming books accessible, but out of the way, and all of my general-interest/reference books out for easy perusal. I think it'll work well. If I figure out how I'll try to post some pictures.

Time to do some writing.


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