Thursday, December 20, 2001

Well, I just went to see The Fellowship of the Rings. And I have to say, it's pretty darn good. It has a nice set up, introduces you to the characters, and then it's off and running. There's a lot more action than it feels like when you read the books. Mostly because Tolkein liked to describe the trees and leaves and such, but all of that was cut out, so all you're left with is the beginning to an awfully good story, which just happens to be a good story in its own right. I'll be happy to see it again -- from a bit further back in the theatre, I hope. And buy the DVD, although I'd be tempted to wait until all three come out as a set. I'm sure the set will have extra goodies.

As for how the movie will effect the gaming industry...well, I'm not sure. At least now everyone will know what an elf, dwarf, wizard, orc, goblin, and halfling/hobbit are. But will the popularity of movies like this and Harry Potter lead to a more widely held acceptance of fantasy gaming? I think that the answer is very little in the short term, but much more later on. Kids will see it, it will stick with them and when they hear they can play a game with all the elements that were in The Lord of the Rings they probably won't balk at it as nearly as much as people do now. And they may even search it out on their own. At least I hope so. Gaming is fun and I think it has a lot to offer people in terms of cooperation, math skills and imaginative abilities.

So, my personal trainer called me the other day (sorry, I forgot to mention it sooner) and tells me she's leaving the gym to do private training for about half the price I've paid the gym. Damn. But now I have a resource open to me in the future. She's referred me to one of the people she works with now, Jason, and he seems nice. We'll see how it goes. I really have to watch myself over the holidays. It'll be too easy to misbehave and undo some of what I've done. Some is forgiveable, there are good restaurants I want to hit in Madison, but I have to watch it. And I may not get a chance to work out.

Must be good.


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