Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Who are the people in charge of the world?! I mean seriously!

This guy is such a moron that it hurts to even read about him. I'm not big into politics, but it makes me sick to hear him talking about this "new enemy," clearly referring to terrorists and the like, but using it to justify a freaking MISSILE DEFENSE SYSTEM!? What the hell? We don't need to worry about missiles heading our way any more than we did yesterday or the day before. What we need is a Person Defense System that will shoot threatening people before they can sneak a small nuke into a city and blow it up. Personally, I'm less afraid of a nuke than I am some horrible, wasting disease that randomly targets myself, friends, relatives, friends of friends, etc, etc, etc with a death so horrible that I'd only wish it on people who would actually use such a weapon.

But, no, missiles. Missiles are the way to go. That's where the true threat lies.

Argh! Moron. Moron. Moron.

It just bugs me, is all.


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