Sunday, October 06, 2002

A week without an update! I bet you're all atwitter with the exciting happenings of my life. Well, dream on, things have been pretty normal around here. Work is busy, but it going very, very well for me. I've been very good about going to the gym after a couple of weeks of skipping out more than I like to, which, admittedly, is at all. I know I've mentioned it previously, but I've put some weight back on in the last few weeks and it's because I've been eating badly and not working out. Int he last week I've gotten that under control and I've already dropped about 5 lbs. Hopefully this trend will continue, I'm tired of losing this same 10 lbs over and over again. I'd really like to lose another 70 lbs, but that seems less and less likely every day. I'm not sure how much more time I can spend at the gym. Although, really, I'm just paying for all those years of sitting on my ass and enjoying my hedonistic lifestyle (yes, sarcasm is intended there...but not too much).

Yesterday was my little sister's birthday, I talked to her today and she said she's getting old. I told her she only thought that because she had kids. She agreed. I can't imagine what I'll feel like when I have kids running around. So much work -- and I'll be really old. Ah, well, they say it's worth it, right Mom?

Oh, I was interested in the friend of one of the women from work. She tried to warn me off, but didn't really go far enough. Anyway I found out her friend is really only interested in rich Italian men, so I think I'll write that off. Doesn't that seem weird? To be so obsessed with wanting a particular thing? I dunno, I'd like someone I get along with and who entertains me and who doesn't need me, but needs me and vice versa. Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic, but I think that's all possible. Though, I must admit, the longer I live and more I learn about people the more it seems like everyone is completely messed up. It's a wonder some of these people can get through a day without collpasing in on themselves.

On a completely different note, I finished watching the Simpsons Season II DVD as well as Ghost Dog, now I get to watch The Limey. I really like that movie. Then I'll have to pick up something new. Thank God for Best Buy! Woohoo!

Time for bed!


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