Sunday, June 08, 2003

I had a farily busy weekend. Friday was, by far, the highlight. I'll walk you through it.

For reasons explained in my last post, I was in a weird mood for a couple of days -- especially late Thursday and most of Friday. It was one of those "I don't want to be around people, but I don't want to be alone" sort of moods. I find those to be difficult to deal with, because nothing feels right. Luckily, I was able to actually have things both ways because I went to a movie with a large group of people from work. One of the guys I work with (sort of. I should explain that; this guy, Bob, works in the same office as me, but he actually works for one of the owner's other companies.) was one of the Producers on the movie Dummy (no official site, but that one should do, if not, try this one.) and he'd asked a number of us from work to come out and see it.

We met up beforehand at a bar called Linda's. I arrived a little late so almost as soon as I walked in, we all walked out to stand in the line for the movie. Quite a line, too, it stretched around the corner and down the block. We made out way in pretty quickly and were all happy to learn that Bob had reserved a row of seats just for us! We ended up having some of the best seats in the house, plus we were all able to sit together instead of having 16 of us split up around the theatre.

The movie was hilarious. I like movies that are a little off-kilter, and this one certainly fit that description. Everyone had a blast and laughed a lot. I'm not sure how much promotion or how widely it will be distributed, but if this movie comes to your area, check it out, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Afterwards, we all went to an informal reception at Il Bistro, I've been there a couple of times before, so it was easy to find. Plus, it's right in Pike Place Market. I walked in, said hello to a couple of people and took a chair next to a woman named Kristin. She was here with a friend of her's (Karin, pronounced like "car in the garage") who'd been contacted by one of the other producers of the movie on an online dating site. He'd asked Karin to come down for the movie and have a night out -- and she, wisely, brought a friend as back up. Anyway, I spent most of the evening talking with the two of them.

We were all kicked out of Il Bistro at closing time and then walked over to the hotel that some of the people were staying at. We hung out in the lobby for a while and talked a bit more, but things had pretty much wound down, so about 3:20 I and another guy from work left. At the same time Kristen and Karin left and Kristen gave me her email address and said since we all live in Seattle (as opposed to the producer who'd invited them; he lives in L.A.) we should get together. I gladly accepted the card and I'm sure we'll get together soon.

Actually, that's pretty good timing, because I was thinking of having a party in the next couple of weeks. I've been saying for months and months that it's about time I have a party, and, well, it's about time I had a party, isn't it? Who knows, maybe if I can clean up my apartment I'll have one this weekend. I'd like to.

Saturday I had another bit of fun.

Earlier in the week, someone contacted me about buying my old car. He didn't have a way to get over to see it, but I said I could drive it down to him. I slept in late because I was out so late, but I got a map and then went to meet one of the guys I work with, so he could follow me to the guy's house and give me a ride home if he bought it.

We met up and drove to the street -- not in the nicest part of town -- and looked for the address. No luck. Circle back. Nope, not that one either...Hmmm, maybe it's that one? The one completely overgrown with trees and bushes, with about a dozen cars in the front yard, including an old gospel church bus, and -- and this is the best part -- chickens and roosters walking around the yard. I felt like I'd taken a left turn into Alabama. It wasn't quite as bad as the house that I always pass on my trips to and from Madison (Seth and Rob know what I'm talking about), but it certainly brought that to mind. Anyway, I called the number I had for the guy and, yes, indeed, this was the place.

He came out to meet me. Seemed like a nice guy and he really needed a car to get back and forth to work. We talked a bit and settled on a deal that I'm fine with, so he has my car and hopefully I'll see the other half of the money in a couple weeks. He was really happy that I'd work with him on that and we went into the house to work everything out. The house was actually pretty nice inside. Too much stuff lying about, and too many animals, but it was a nice, solid house.

Afterward, I hoped to go straight home, but the guy who gave me a ride had to pick up his wife and daughter from soccer practice, then go shopping, then their car's brakes were acting up, so they picked up some brake fluid. That didn't help, so we dropped the two of them at home and took that car to the mechanic's...where we had to wait to get a rental car. Finally, five hours after I'd left that morning, I was dropped off. That was fine, I didn't really have too much to do, but I really needed to do laundry because I was gone last weekend. Plus, one of the women at work had invited me to a "BBQ" at her cousin's.

Something had to win out -- and it was laundry. I'd hoped to go to the cook-out, but it didn't happen. The dryer was acting up and the whole evening was pretty much shot. Luckily, I got to watch the rest of Angel season one (very good stuff), order in some pizza (it's been moooonths since I've done that, and just relax. I felt bad about missing the cook-out, but I think I needed a night alone with no weird stress haning over my head. It was nice.

Sunday, I made it to the gym for the first time in a week and a half, went to see The Italian Job, which was good and worth the matinee price I paid, had a sushi dinner, and ran the second part of the D&D game for some people at work.

Wow, I've had some long posts lately. I hope this means my life's getting more interesting. *Grin*

Grocery time, then bed time.

See ya!


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