Sunday, May 25, 2003

Hmm, I thought I'd posted some things the other day, but apparenlty they were lost. Sorry for the unintentional lack of postings in the last week.

A brief recap; Monday I had my last meeting with the trainer at the gym. She and I had a good talk and we went over a number of things that I do correctly and things that I can improve on. She also ran through a work out that we'd done a while ago and explained it again because I'd forgotten exactly how to do it. Does that sound weird? Probably, but it was a work out that involved a lot of different weights at changing levels -- I hadn't done it for a while and I forgot how. It turns out that even though I haven't lost any weight lately (actually, I've gained a little) I have lost about 5% body fat, which is good. The whole time we talked was good. She gave me some pointers on how to change things up and increase the effectiveness of my workouts. It included adivce like; eat more often, eat foods that your body needs to run as opposed to what you want, and sleep more. Ugh, sleep. But apparently your body needs it...especially when you're working out because it uses that time to repair all the damage you do while working out. Anyway, all that talking got me fired up to get serious again.

As soon as I finished with her I had to run down to the birthday celebration of the daughter of some friends from work. Their daughter is a sweety and I love seeing her. She turned 5 and a lot of people from work were there to celebrate. It was fun. After dinner I went to see The Matrix Reloaded. It was good, probably about a 6 or so. I grew a little tired of the: fight scene, someone explains how the world works, fight scene, someone explains how the world works, fight scene, someone explains how the world works, and so on, but over all it was interesting and fun. I espeically liked the end of the movie when we and the characters are in completely new territory because of the choice that the main character made.

Tuesday I ran my Mutants & Masterminds game and the PCs managed to figure something out before I had to come out and tell them about it (like I'd planned to do next game). That was very cool I love when the players actually pay attention and put things together. Anyway, their decisions will have definite implications on how I run the rest of the game. I like that.

Wednesday I worked out. Thursday was a free night and I relaxed and went to see Identity with one of the guys from work. I liked the movie. I even figured out the twist about 25 minutes in, so it was interesting to watch it and see if my theory was correct. It was.

The last couple of days at work we had some annoying things happen with one of the women here, but there wasn't anything we could be about it except complain to the management. It was a big deal and I hope they now recognize that. It's left a lot of people with a very bad attitude and really sucked the life and enthusiasm out of a handful of people.

Friday night I went to see The Blues at the Seattle Int'l Film Festival, oddly enough, I went to see it with the same guy I'd gone to see Identity with the night before -- and we don't usually hang out all that much. It was an interesting film. It was a sampler of five fims that are part of a seven-part series about the Blues that Martin Scorsese produced. I'm not sure where or when the whole series will be playing, but I think some of them would definitely be worth seeing the whole way through.

Saturday I was up early to hit the gym, then I tried to get down to the Film Festival to see Owning Mahowny starring Phillip Seymor Hoffman, but the directions I had were bad, so by the time I arrived I couldn't get in to see the movie. Bummer, but as I was leaving I noticed a storefront for the Film Festival and went in to buy a couple of tickets for movies showing in a couple of weeks -- so now I won't have to worry about them being sold out. That night I met up with a couple of people to have dinner and try to see Bubba Ho Tepstarring Bruce Campbell. Unfortunately, this was not the day for me to see movies at the Film Festival, because one of the workers came out and said they were way oversold and there was almost no chance that we'd get in to see it -- but! it would start playing at a nearby theatre in a couple of weeks, so we could see it then. We left. And since one of the guys I was with wanted to see The Matrix Reloaded again, we went to see that.

Today I slept in, went to the gym for a couple of hours and I'm happy to report I've lost some weight due to the change in my workouts. Then I came to work and since I have nothing I really want to do, I think I'll go see a movie. And the longer I type this, the more likely it will be Bruce Almighty instead of Bend it Like Beckham. That's about all. Talk to you soon.

Maybe more later.


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