Monday, May 12, 2003

The past few days have been pretty darn good. I wrapped up a lot of the big projects I had going on at work and now I can play catch up on some of the things that fell by the wayside while I was concentrating on the other things. This weekend I haven't been at work much, mostly just part of today to write an article due tomorrow.

The rest of the weekend was filled with gym-going, laundry and a party yesterday evening for one of my co-workers to celebrate 13 years of being clean and sober. I compeletely agree that that's a cool thing to celebrate, but it seems odd to me to have a party like that and include lots of alcohol. He didn't mind, but it still seems odd. Not that if he had a party for some other reason that people wouldn't drink, but this seemed an inappropriate choice considering why we were all there. We all had a good time, though. A handful of people from work that he and I work closely with and other friends of he and his fiance's that I haven't seen for a while.

Today I slept in, then went to my old boss' to play a new game from Mayfair called Domaine. I highly recommend it. It's by the same guy that made Settlers of Cataan and I think it's actually a better game. We played twice and it's amazing how differently we played the two games. That first game we learned a lot of things that came into play in the second game. Anyway, it's very balanced, very cool, plays quickly after you have the basics and has some cool mechanics that will keep you interested throughout.

After the game I went to the gym, then came to work to do the aforementioned article. It was only about a thousand words long, but when you couple that with time spent surfing the net, chatting with Seth, and listening to music...well, it's easy to see why I'm still here at midnight, isn't it.

I miss Greg and I wish he'd get home from his trip so he can update me on what's going on in his life.

I picked up some CDs yesterday, The Beatles, the 200 Cigarettes soundtrack (mostly for a copy of Nick Lowe's Cruel to be Kind) and Jack Johnson's new CD, on and on. Excellent stuff. I'm also planning on picking up Fischerspooner's #1 and The Postal Service's Give Up. I've heard selections from both recently on KEXP, and I really liked them. By the way, KEXP is a Seattle-based station supported by the public and affiliated with the University of Washington and the Experience Music Project. It's very good. Check it out online if you like. Seth also introduced me to DJ Format. If you likes yourself some hip-hop, well, you could definitely find worse.

If you check out the EMP site, be sure to click through to learn more about the SFX (Science Fiction Experience) being brought to life by the same people responsible for the EMP. They have some interesting names associated with it already.

Okay, I'm headed out to do some shopping and go to bed. I'll update soon.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you.


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