Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Yes, yes, the week flies by and I don't post. Well, I been busy, dang it!

Monday I found out that one of the guys from work somehow managed to get in touch with the woman I spent most of Friday night talking to and asked her out for coffee. Nice. Real nice.

Also, Monday I met a woman for dinner. We had a great time. Tuesday I wrote her and told her I had a good time and I'd like to see her again (because I did and I do). Wednesday she wrote me back and told me she and the guy she'd been informally dating had moved this on to a more exclusive dating relationship, so we probably shouldn't see each other again.

So, those two things have kind of overshadowed my week.

Luckily, I am distracting myself from the Worldwide Conspiracty to Keep Jon Single by: 1) throwing my first party at my apartment on Saturday, and; 2) receiving a large box of free comics from Brian in Tampa.

Tuesday night I played Shadowrun with a bunch of people from work and tonight the company hosted a giant super-hero smackdown against a bunch of people from Microsoft -- remember a few weeks ago when I went over there to play an early version of a computer game? Well, this was the payback. We had a blast. I played one of three 300 point Sentinels against 900 points-worth of X-Men. They trounced us, but we started to bring the Sentinels back once they died, so the X-Men took out about four Sentinels before we took out all of the X-Men.

Now I'm updating and then I'm heading to the gym. I have to remember to pick up milk and yogurt tonight on my way back from the gym.

Oh, Greg, I'm glad you're not dead.



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