Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I've been back a week now and things are pretty much back to normal...really they were pretty much back to normal as of last Friday, but who cares? I've been spending a lot of time at work trying to get and keep everything headed in the right directions. Eh, who wants to talk about work?

I didn't go to the gym Monday because I was so sore from the weekend's workouts. Eh, who wants to talk about the gym?

I watched Say Anything (along with the commentary track, which is very good) and Punch-Drunk Love and I'm now working on the extras included with that DVD. Eh, who wants to talk about movies?

I'm tired of all the music I own. And let me just tell you how freaking amazing that is. I don't think I have a CD collection worthy of true music collectors, but I think I'm doing all right with nearly 800 CDs, but how is it that I have almost no interest in listening to any of the crap that I own? I think I may have to turn on the radio again and see what's on NPR or KEXP again. It's been a while and they're usually good sources of entertainment. Actually, having just been in Wisconsin again, I can state for a fact that it has a superior public radio station. There's something interesting on at every hour of the day. As I drove around Madison a week or so ago it was always on and always excellent. Washington's public radio is only fair to middlin' by my estimation. If you're in Wisconsin, please listen to NPR and think of me out here in the intellectual wasteland that is Seattle. I'm kidding; it's not an intellectual wasteland, not entirely.

So anyway, if you know of any good, new music, please let me know.

If you go to the sidebar (at the left) you'll see an ever-growing list of Blogs, many of which are new. It seems that Greg has infected everyone at my old workplace with the blogging bug. I think five of the people that work there or are married to people that work there have now entered the blogosphere. Sorry about that everyone.

Scott sent an email a while ago with a link to Puppetry of the Penis with the recommendation that I go if/when they came to Seattle. I mentioned it to some people before I left for my trip(s) and while I was gone a group of them picked up tickets. So, tomorrow night I'll be going with about nine other people to watch people (that I've paid good money) play with their penises. Ain't that somethin'? I have no clue how the show will be, but it sounds like it'll be pretty funny.

I received the boxes of goodies that I sent back from my trip to GenCon. There were tons of books and gaming stuff, but the best of the bunch has to be the little monkey-shaped table that Scott gave me for my birthday (which was a couple of weeks ago. And in case you're feeling bad about not giving me anything or even wishing me happy birthday I'm still open whatever fun stuff you might want to send my way.) The table's so cheezy, I love it. I think I need a coffee table just to properly display it.

I was thinking the other day that I might want to move. I like where I am, I'm just kind of...not impressed by it. I don't know if or when I'll act on that idea, but it's popped into my head, so who knows.

Okay, time for dinner and the gym. I must make it part of my routine again. No slacking. Active, not passive.


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