Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I've been having a heck of a time getting in touch with the guy who bought my car last month. He was to have paid me by the first of this month and now it's late on the ninth. I've called a number of times in the last week and a half and finally got through to him tonight. I now have more information about how to contact him and we're going to settle up on Monday. I even offered to drop the price significantly since he's reportedly had some problems with the car. I don't disbelieve him, but it would have been nice if he contacted me.

If he doesn't get me the money or contact me on Monday, I'm going to report the car stolen. I hate to do it, but I can't risk having the car out there while I still have the deed. Very bad.

I didn't go to the gym tonight, instead I stayed to get some work done. I have lots to do before I leave for a good three weeks of travel.

I need to get more sleep, I'll tell you that. I think I'm going to go do that now.


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