Tuesday, July 15, 2003

See, now I think he's doing it just to get ink, but now Greg started his own blog. Oh, and thanks for telling me what you enjoy on the site, Greg. At least now I have some idea.

I have way too much work to do before I leave for San Diego. Yikes. That's, of course why I'm still here -- again -- at ten at night. I'm leaving soon to do some laundry and watch a DVD. I'll pack in the morning, I think.

So, the cool thing today was watching the new 14 minute cartoon based on one of the games I work on. There's a shorter version on the company Website, but this new cartoon is a lot longer and appears on the DVD that will be included in the starter sets of the game when it's released in September (I think that's when it comes out). If I can get an extra copy, I'll bring it home and show you guys. It's very cool.

Okay, time to clear out of here.


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