Friday, July 11, 2003

Okay, Greg made me laugh.


Greg's a funny guy. He should be famous like Dave Barry...unless that second post was real and not a dream like I think it was. If it wasn't a dream, then he should probably be the main character in a reality t.v. show. Or in jail.

And Greg, I think it's possible for Deb to be a fan of "The Little House on the Prarie," but still want to be heavily drugged while the doctors cut her open and remove the spawn of your loins.

I mean that "spawn of you loins" thing in the nicest possible way.

Oh, hey! I forgot to mention that I received the statuette for the Origins award. It's quite spiffy and is sitting on the bookshelf next to my desk at work.

I was a slacker this week and didn't make it to the gym on Wednesday. I hope to go Friday evening.

Here's something else; I was talking to Kelly (our newest designer) and we were discussing the phenomenon of when you look at a word that normally makes perfect sense to you, but right at that moment looks wrong, doesn't make sense, just simply can't be correct. I've found it usually happens only after I've been writing for a long time. She said that had just happened to her the night before as she was working on some new rules. The said "put" really looked wrong. I've had the same thing with words as simple as "the".

This whole thing got me to thinking; what if, when your brain is so involved in making things up that it gets too mired in the abstract portion of your brain, so that when you look at letters on a page (or screen) they don't make sense because your brain isn't working like that at the moment. You're working on the level of fantasy and you can't switch to the more concrete launguage section of your brain easily, so the words you write look wrong.

Does anyone know if the language portion of your brain is in the right (creative) or left (logical) portion of the brain? I'm assuming it's in the logical portion, but I don't know for certain.

That's all for now. Must sleep.


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