Sunday, November 02, 2003

I know for a fact that we're in the electronic age. Why, you ask? Because my mom was chiding me today because she doesn't like when I don't update my blog for a few days.

I know we're in the post-electronic age when she begins to worry about me when I don't blog for a few days. That can't be far off.

The past week has been busy, but good. I haven't spent an inordinate amount of time at work and I had a few really fun evenings out. I mentioned that I was going to buy a new computer last week and I did. I'll probably be recieving it tomorrow (Monday, that is). I'm looking forward to that because I have some writing I'd like to do at home. Plus, I can transfer everything from my old computer to the new one -- lemme tell ya', that's been needed for a long time.

The rest of the week was pretty normal for the most part. I went to the gym on Monday, on Tuesday Shana and I went to dinner at Cedars (an excellent Indian/Mediterranean restaurant) and then to see Radio -- partially because there was nothing else that we really wanted to see and partially because Shana was in the mood for a "good cry". Yeah, I don't understand it either, but my mom said she and my sisters had a "good cry" when they took my nephews to see Brother Bear this weekend. Maybe you need to be female to get the concept of a "good cry".

Getting back on track, Wednesday I was going to go to the gym, but ended up going to dinner too late with Cathy, Shane, and Kian, so I went home afterwards and watched more of The Raiders of the Lost Ark. Thursday I went to Shana's pumpkin-carving party. There were about a dozen of us in her little apartment and we had a damn good time. We also produced some of the best and most-consistently good pumpkins that I've ever seen in one place. I'll try to get some pictures posted soon so that you can marvel at them.

Friday people had talked about doing something, but that never materialized, so I wrote some and then went to the gym.

I got up a bit late Saturday, went to the gym, and then spent the afternoon watching movies, reading, and doing laundry. Around 4:30 I went to FINALLY transfer the deed to my old car to the people that bought it. I'm not going to go into this too much, but lemme just say that this whole thing was a royal pain. It's taken five months to get this resolved and I'm sure I'll still have to deal with more fallout from it. Regardless, it's out of my hands now. After I took care of that, I went to Shane and Cathy's to get ready for the costume party we were going to that night. Cathy was kind enough to do my makeup for my costume and then we all drove to the party.

Again, I'll have to get some pictures up soon, but I went as some kind of escaped-convict-killer-clown. It was very...odd, but very fun and many people seemed to like it. It really was a little freaky. Seth pointed out that most of my Halloween costumes have a very dark overtone to them. They do. I think it's because I think of Halloween costumes as things that ought to be scary in some way. Whether they're gross, disturbing, dark, gorey, or otherwise off-putting. I think that's the point of them. None of this friendly, namby-bamby, pastel-colored crap. I want scarey stuff! Anyway, that was Saturday night. We all had a good time and there were some excellent costumes (yes, yes, pictures, I know).

I was really looking forward to the party while getting ready for it, but once I was there I wasn't really in a party mood. I didn't feel like drinking, so I didn't, I didn't feel like dancing, so I didn't, and I didn't really feel super-social, so I mostly talked with the people I came with. Sure I had a good time, but it wasn't a stand-out kind of night for me. After the party a group of us went to Denny's for a late-night snack/dinner/breakfast, so I didn't get home until about three a.m.

I woke up Sunday at 8:30 with a really bad headache and thought, "No way am I getting up now," so I rolled over and slept some more. I woke up a couple more times, but didn't look at the clock because I didn't think much time was passing between wakings. When I finally looked at the clock I saw that it was 12:08. Whoops. I spent the afternoon downtown with Shane and Cathy having some breakfast, buying comics, and then meeting up with Shana so she could run an errand. Then we went to Shane and Cathy's for a bit. They discussed what they were going to do for the evening and I came to work to run my D&D game.

Hmm, I don't really feel like writing any more, but I don't really feel like this was a very fun post. Ah well, I'll have to spice things up over the next few days with some pictures. That's all for now.


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