Sunday, January 18, 2004

I don't understand how time can move so quickly sometimes. I refuse to believe that the last time I updated was last Tuesday. That's just weird. Lemme think about what I've done in the meantime.

Wednesday was a crazy day at work. I was in an interesting meeting with some of the sales people and we had a good talk, but there were a few times that voices were raised more than I've ever seen at work. Pretty odd, but necessary in a couple cases. I may have been the loudest. That evening I went out with a friend for dinner and a movie; Big Fish again. It was still very good and I still didn't cry, though she did.

Thursday I left work at a reasonable time and finished up the editing I've been doing.

Firday was a particularly good day at work. Out of the blue, someone in another department sent me an email that said how much she enjoyed working with me and how good I was at my job. I thanked her and told her to tell me if any of that ever changes. Secondly, I had a great meeting with the new CEO, one of the V.P.s and another Director to go over a proposal for how to change our product releases. They all liked it and think we should switch to this method of release as soon as possible. That's good because I was already heading that direction in my department, so it will be nice to have the rest of the company in on it, too. On the way out of that meeting he called me back and told me I'd done a good job on the proposal. That was pretty cool. Made me feel good, too. Those sorts of things don't often get said around my workplace.

Friday evening was the birthday party for Brian (one of the sculptors) at Illusionz. It's basically a glorified arcade with some food, but we had a pretty good time playing arcade games, indoor golf, air hockey, and especially watching some crazy-fast-footed people play a "game" called Dance Dance Revolution. You dance along on a footpad area to the pattern the screen shows you -- and these guys were moving fast!

Saturday I ran all over town to get comics, some vacuum bags, to look at some new luggage, get a new lightbulb for the bathroom, pick up some software for my computer, and just take care of errands. I looked into expanding my storage space, which I'll be doing this week so I can get some of the new cases of product out of the cube next to mine at work and also clear out some more useless stuff from my apartment. I may even look through it and see what I can get rid of. Y'know, I never look at the stuff, so why keep it?

Saturday evening I went to the gym and then to work for a bit to do some things that needed doin'.

Today, Sunday, that is, Shana and Cathy came over to give me advice on how to change my apartment a bit; new furniture and such. Then we picked up Carter (another sculptor) and went to Ikea. I found a lot of great things to get for my place, but I have to do some measuring before I go too crazy buying furniture. Carter needs to furnish his entire apartment so he spent some big cash; I only spent about $160, but I'll be back. Yes, I will.

Tonight I finished my editing and will send it off in just a few moments, then it's time to go to grocery shopping, then to bed. Later.


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