Tuesday, January 13, 2004

A laser that cuts cheese? And Kevin laughed at us when we pestered him about making a plasma-toaster! Now look! We've been shown up!

Hey, isn't it funny that I got my Internet connection set up at home and then I haven't really updated all that much? I think it is. It's weird, but I really fell into a routine of updating at work late at night, since I got things up and running at home, it hasn't felt right. I've also been busy, but that's besides the point. I will endeavour to update more often.

Things that have been happening lately? Let's see. I've been busy doing some work on a side project that's due Thursday. It's nothing major, but it will earn me a little money, which will be useful.

I went to a dinner party at the house of some friends last Thursday. And when I say dinner party, I mean we all sat down and ate at the table and talked and had a good time.

Most of the weekend I spent indoors working on the aforementioned project, but I did escape to go to dinner with some friends. It was a good break. We also watched the Chris Rock movie Pootie Tang. It was funny, but I'm pretty sure you have to be in the right mood to think it's humorous at all.

I went to see Big Fish, Tim Burton's new movie. It was very good. I went with a few other people and many of them were in tears at a couple of points during the movie. For some reason the movie just didn't affect me that way. Being good friends, they called me a heartless bastard. Actually, I was much more interested in the style of the movie than what was happening in it. It was a story about a storyteller and the stories he told were much more important than what was happening in the film. I don't know if that makes sense, but I was interested in it for the way it went about saying what it had to say. It ended up being a pretty uplifting movie for me. Probably because it felt to me like a story that I would write -- modern, but with lots of weird fantastical bits that are important for what they represent as opposed to what they actually are. I recommend it.

The fella I work with and am very good friends with is still stuck back in South Africa. I don't think I've talked about this much here, but he's from Durbin and was sent back to clear up some problems with his visa. All I know is I miss having him around and I really hope he's able to return soon. Whether or not that will happen at all is up in the air, but he really deserves to be here and he's probably one of the best people I know. If anyone out there has any pull with the government/INS/or the embassy in South Africa, please contact me.

Hmm, the Crysal Method is coming to the Showbox on March 2nd. Hmm.


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