Thursday, December 04, 2003

I went to the doctor and waited and waited and waited to get my shots for the trip, but now I'm all immunized against hepatitis, malaria, the flu, the plague, and jungle rot (that one was for you, Mom). Actually, I'm only immunized for the first three, but it seemed like such a funny sentence to write that it was a shame to let it end so soon.

My mom has been having issues with her back and she apparently went in yesterday to have some shots to get it taken care of. She told me she was going to have it done, but not when. So when I called my little sister to ask why I couldn't get through to my parents phone, she told me that their phone has been on the fritz, but also that Mom's visit to the doctor hadn't gone well due to the needle hitting a nerve. She said Mom looked all white and had a really bad headache. I hope she's feeling better today and that she made it through the night all right.

I have a lot to get done before I leave, but I think I'll actually manage to do it. None of it is overwhelming, just lots of little things here and there.

Tonight I took the evening off and went to play a session of Spycraft with some friends. Not much happened (I'm partially to blame because I hadn't finished my character), but it was fun. Wow, it's been a long time since I've actually played a game instead of run.

I'm headed home to sleep now.


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