Thursday, November 09, 2006


Julia just told me that our house has closed, so we should be getting the keys shortly. Woohoo!

We went yesterday and took care of signing all sorts of papers with the escrow company. Our real estate agent even showed up to make sure everything went through correctly. It did. Julia mentioned later that sometimes the information on the forms is incorrect and you have to wait while it's sent to the bank, corrected, and sent back, which can take hours. I'm glad ours was correct.

Today and tomorrow I have some work that I absolutely have to get done, but I'll be spending a fair amount of time preparing for the move, too. I still have some things to box up, especially in the kitchen. I'm sure I'll be sick of it soon, but right now I'm feeling pretty good about the move. Probably becasue I managed to wrangle about a dozen or so people into helping us out. That should make things go pretty easily for us and we might get done pretty early in the day because of it.

As for the rest of this week; I played poker on Monday with Chott and a few other regulars. I did poorly, then I did really well, then I did poorly, then I did okay, so I ended up losing 20 bucks. I was sad. I was particularly sad twice during the night; once when my full-house was busted by the higher full-house (I had Jacks full of Queens, she had Queens full of Jacks), and the other time when I had pocket Kings, two Aces came on the flop, which made my Kings pretty good because the chances that the other guy has an Ace in hand is pretty low, but he did and I lost.

Tuesday I stopped by the new WizKids' offices. They look like they'll work alright. They feel a lot like the WotC offices to me, but the new desks are much larger than their old ones and the walls of the cubes are higher, so the added privacy should be nice. I also managed to score two office chairs from the old WizKids office which I'm really happy about. My current office chair is a leftover from my days at Capital City, which closed 10 years ago, so it was time for an update. Plus, Julia gets a chair, too!

WizKids decided they didn't like all of us ex-employees coming in to game there, so we have to find a new place to play. That night Seth was nice enough to make room for us. We'll have to figure out a long-term plan, though. Who knows, maybe once I'm settled in at the house, I can host. That'd be cool.

The elections were interesting to watch. I'm glad things went the way they did. Checks and balances that work are definitely a good thing.

Okay, time to do some packing. More soon...maybe from the new place. Cable will be hooked up on Monday, so I won't be offline for long.

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