Sunday, August 26, 2007

What's Up?

Another post? Immediately after the last? You'd think my Sunday game was cancelled, or something. And you'd be right. No game this week. I am sad. But it's giving me a chance to catch up on posting.

I've talked a lot of about GenCon lately, so I'll keep the gaming stuff brief, but I have to say that my biggest regret this year was deciding not to contribute 1,000 words to Green Ronin's Hobby Games: The 100 Best. They asked me to write something up for them, but I really didn't feel like I knew any of the games they had left on the list well enough to comment on them; at least not intelligently. (And I hate when people talk about things when it's clear they know nothing about the subject.) So, I didn't do it. But damn! Green Ronin has promoted this thing so well, and recruited such great people to be a part of it, and the market seems so excited about the book that I really wish I'd done something for it. Damn.

All that said, the book looks great and they have a fantastic line-up of contributors and games. I just wish I'd decided to be part of it.

This weekend was the 4th Annual Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) and I was asked to moderate a panel on Firday afternoon on the "Future of Miniature Games." I did a bunch of research on Thursday and came up with a bunch of questions for the panel -- which included Seth Johnson of WizKids, Matt Wilson of Privateer Press, and Paul Barclay of Wizards of the Coast. I think it went well and a couple of people complimented me on the format; in which I asked most of the questions of the panel members and they answered (as opposed to the free-for-all that apparently usually takes place in these things).

Since moderating the panel netted me a free "Special Guest" badge, I check out the show floor for a bit on Friday, but mostly chatted with Seth, Chott, and a few others I knew.

I helped Julia set up her space at a new store in Renton (Happy Delusions on 3rd, check out the jewelry in the counter at the back of the store) Saturday morning, then we walked around town for a bit and enjoyed some delicious BBQ at a nearby restaurant. She was very excited to have Happy D (as she calls it) taken care of. And the best thing is, later in the day the store owner called to say she'd already sold one of her pieces. Awesome!

In the afternoon I went back to PAX, checked out the show floor a bit more and then went to buy comics. While I was at PAX I picked up a set of paints so I can finally get around to painting my Cryx army for Warmachine. (Which I picked up back in 2003, I think.) Now I need some brushes. Then, while Julia makes jewelry in front of the TV, I can try my hand at painting at the same time -- that'll certainly be better than trying to read in front of the TV -- which I suck at.

Okay, time for some lunch. Talk to you soon.


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