Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gone, Buddy, Gone

I'm a bit sad. When I returned from work tonight, Jim was gone. He got an offer from a company down in Austin, Texas for a new job, so he flew his family out on Sunday, had some fun with them yesterday, and loaded them and all of his things in a rented van. They're somewhere between here and Missouri right now. I think his goal was to make it to Reno tonight.

It's definitely a bummer to not have him around and I'm sure I'll have quite a bit more time to myself because of it. I'll also be getting a lot more exercise as I walk to and from work every day. That's definitely going to be good for me.

I'm going to move my big bed into his old room and take his smaller bed for my room. That way I'll have more space in my room, which would be nice. The new bed is a single, but I think that'll be fine. I'll see how it goes once I make the swap.

Work is fine and after hours I'm spending a lot of time on the DC comics project for Green Ronin. I don't remember if I actually mentioned that here earlier, but we announced it a while ago. It's a big deal and it's a lot of work for me.

I'm going to go busy myself with it now.


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