Sunday, March 28, 2010

There and Back Again

Last weekend I went back to Seattle for the weekend. My good friend Kim (Goffin) Peacock was in town for an internship at a vet's up in Bothell. She stayed with Julia during her time in town and it was nice to be able to spend a day or so visiting with her -- even though she had to work most of Friday and then left for the airport at 11pm. I doubt she'll be back to work at that vet clinic, but I hope to see her again soon.

As for Julia and I, we spent the weekend running a few errands and working in the garden. We planted some of the starts that Julia has growing inside and even planted some seeds. It will be very cool to see those when they start growing! We also spread out some bark that's been sitting on the driveway for over a month now. I was very happy to get that off the pavement, because it really left a dirty mess where it was sitting, including some moss. I imagine the rain will clear off the dirt, but I'll have to take care of the moss myself, I'm sure.

I also moved a pile of gravel that's been sitting on the back patio since the week after we moved in. We kept trying to think of where we wanted it to go, but this weekend Julia said, "Move the whole pile up by the front spigot!" and it was done!

While working in the garden we saw our first two frogs of the year! One in the front yard and one in the back. I love those silly things.

Other than yardwork, we watched some movies over Netflix together and had a nice cookout Saturday evening instead of going out. I made some pretty tasty hamburgers, if I do say so myself! It was very nice.

This week at work I've been working on some maps and missions for my boss. It's mostly filler work until I move to the new team, but it's all stuff that needs to get done, so I'm happy to chip in and help out. As for the new team, I have no idea where I'll be sitting, but (in theory) I'll be moving on or around the 1st of April. I'll let you know what I find out.

In my free time I've been painting figures for Warmachine. It's not something I ever thought I'd do, but since I get the models for the best price you can imagine (free) and I can do the painting on a TV tray while sitting on the end of my bed in my room, well, it's sort of a nice little hobby. It turns out I'm a pretty good painter, too. Who knew? I'll post some more pictures when I remember to bring the camera back from Seattle. If Julia can part with it for a few weeks! The flowers and plants will be coming in, so I'm sure she'll want it for them.

Over this weekend, Jim and I played some Warmachine -- it's nice to actually get some use out of the figures I've been painting! Had a nice breakfast at the diner in Los Gatos, which we do every Saturday, but it's a relaxing thing to do for both of us. Oh, and we drove to a game store by the airport to check out a flea market they were having. It was packed with good deals, so I picked up a few different books for really good prices (I don't even think I spent $6) and then went home to paint, watch some movies and relax.

Now you're all up to speed. Sorry it took so long to post something here, but my weekends at home always throw me off. More soon.


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