Thursday, March 04, 2010

Good News x3

Three bits of good news this week!

First, Seth and Melissa left on their belated honeymoon! I'm very happy for them and I hope they have a blast! I can't wait to hear what they thought of it -- and I hope they enjoy their time relaxing, snorkeling, and whatever else they get up to!

Second, Julia had an appointment with the doctor today (he actually moved the appointment up) and he said her foot is healed, so she can do without the cane and even try wearing a shoe again until it gets too painful, then switch back to the big boot she's been wearing for a while. So, I'm also very happy for her. This whole surgery/recovery thing has been a big pain for her (I think especially because I haven't been there to help her out) and I'm happy she's literally back on her feet.

Thirdly, Kim from Madison arrived in Seattle Sunday morning and is spending a few weeks with Julia at the house. They get along really well, so I hope they get some time to hang out and be girly together. I think they'd enjoy that.

As for me; my big projects are going well. So well, in fact, that I had Wednesday night and Thursday night "off" to do some painting (on my miniatures) and some DVD watching (Burn Notice, Season 2). Time to get some dinner and get started on the fun!


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