Sunday, November 25, 2001

It's Sunday and I'm just finishing up some writing for work. Actually I'm only about halfway through the article I'm working on, but I can finish it tomorrow.

This weekend was nice and long and I managed to get the bulk of what I had left in storage and at my old room over to the new place. Now I just need a truck to get my bookcase over to my new place. Ugh. I hate to have to rent something for about an hour's work. Seems a waste.

Well, I'm not homesick, but I sure could use a social life. I like "alone-time" but I really like have friends to call on to do things with at the spur of the moment. Wanna go to dinner? Wanna see a movie? Wanna go to Best Buy? Wanna do something!? Even though I still have a lot of unpacking to do I have a hard time getting to it because I feel like I'm always working. Not necessarily at work, but just in general. At work I work. When I go to the gym I workout. When I go home I have to unpack. Unfun. Really. It doesn't seem like I ever get a real break, so I slack and procrastinate and bemoan the fact that I have nothing to do. How lame. And I know that, but I still have a hard tme getting motivated.

Maybe sex would help.

Whew, boy! That's funny!

So, to all my friends that read this, be aware that I do miss you. Very much.

It's very hard to meet people when you're by yourself. Strangers don't normally strike up conversations with each other -- thanks, Mom! Don't talk to strangers, indeed. Out of all this I have discovered why it is that some people have no friends and seem very lonely and solitary; it's because there are very few ways for people to interact socially when they have no people with which to interact socially. Ahhh, vicious circles.

I need pie.


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