Tuesday, March 05, 2002

It looks like all of my international friends have stopped reading my blog. See for yourself. Bummer, I thought it was kind of cool that people in Europe or Africa and Asia were checking out Nothing Good... I guess I'll have to start writing about something interesting to lure them back.

Oh, I forgot. Sunday I met that woman I'd been talking to for a couple of months online and over the phone. She was nice, but there's simply no attraction there for me. None. Zip. So, it all starts over again. Oh, well. I wasn't actually ever looking to have any relationships or social life out here. Yes, I know, poor, poor, pitiful me.

All the fallout I was expecting at work hasn't matierialized. I think the owners talked to my boss yesterday and told him some of his responsibilities will be going away and -- nothing. No news, no reaction, no information. Nothing. How disappointing. I wanted a screaming, knock-down, drag-out fight (figuratively speaking). Maybe something will happen in tomorrow's monthly Marketing Meeting when my boss learns that I'm moving into design. As far as I know he still has no clue about this.

Still watching a lot of movies. So many, in fact, that I may have to start buying some in a couple weeks as I finish watching all the DVDs I already own. Recently I watched Aliens, Amadeus, American Beauty, Die Hard, and last night, Fargo. This morning I started Fight Club. Because I also watch the commentary tracks I've watched a number of the movies twice. It looks like I'll be watching Fight Club four or five times if I want to watch with all the commentary tracks. There's a ton of stuff on that DVD. And I haven't even looked at the second disk yet.

Look at me, updating in the middle of the day. Crazy.


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