Sunday, April 14, 2002

Damn! I just wrote a bunch of stuff about the weekend and then lost it all.

I'll hit the highlights: Yesterday was spent kicking around and seeing Death to Smootchy. It was odd, but fun. Then last night I had some excellent Thai wide noodles -- still not spicy enough -- and playtested some Marvel scenarios and found that they needed some fixin'.

Becca called this morning to tell me she and Doug are getting married next month. I'm very happy for them. They're both very cool people and I hope they're deleriously happy together. They'll be coming to Seattle for their honeymoon and we'll hang out then. That'll be cool.

The rest of today was spent doing laundry, watching some of Tremors and picking up my apartment. I think one of the reasons I like have friends come over is because they motivate me to keep my place clean. As it was, it was starting to look a little too much like the apartment of a shut-in, with all sorts of newspapers and garbage stacked up (sure, I exaggerate, but it makes for a good story). Anyway, it's all better now.

Oh, and my television is really messed up. It blew out on Friday and would only show me snow, then this morning it recovered and showed me pictures, but the sound is all screwed up so that it always reads that it's at the loudest it can be but it isn't and the remote only sort of controls it. I may be looking for a new t.v. soon. This one has lasted for many years, so I can't really complain.

I just finished updating the scenarios, checking email, posting this, and now I'm headed to play games with some people from work. See you soon.


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