Thursday, April 11, 2002

Nothing too exciting happening here. We playtested MechWarrior earlier and that was pretty fun. We even had some questions that will need to be cleaned up before the rules go into production. I'm here now working on some more scenarios for the Marvel game. The scenarios are pretty cool, but I particularly like how they interact while you're playing the game -- and they add a level of strategy and...curiousity that wasn't in the game before. It's cool to have a hand in that.

For some reason Blogger isn't posting things when I publish them. I still don't know why, so you probably won't see this post for a while -- or at least until I post something else. I noticed that my most recent post (from Tuesday) hasn't appeared on the blog. Ah well.

I may actually get to take some of this weekend off. That would be exciting.

That's all for now. Time to write.


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