Saturday, April 13, 2002

Okay. Stressful but good day. It started with going to the shop to get my car's front headlight which burned out sometime in the last week or so (I was pulled over last Friday, I think, by a cop who obviously thought I shouldn't be driving around a high-class place like Bellevue in a car as crappy as mine (which, y'know, honestly, I can't really disagree with him, but annoyed the hell out of me)). Anyway, I finally took an hour or so this morning and had the headlight replaced. They were also able to hook up my blinker again, so my car is tip-top. Excellent. I like the blinky noise.

Work? Eh. It's work. I'm splitting my time between getting things done for both the Advertising & P.R. job and the design job, so I have lots to do. Sometime during the day the Wherehouse music place called and said they'd received the Pills CD that Seth recommended (Electrocaine (I'm listening to it now, and DAMN! Good stuff, Seth! Thanks for the tip, homes! (Heh, I said "homes."))), so I went to pick that up. On the way back we stopped by that local hot-spot of action, Chili's, to see if a couple of the people from work were still there enjoying a Friday evening drink with the new woman, Carrie -- um, can I say, wow? -- who's taking over the International Sales Assistant(?) position. So, yeah, they were there, so Kevin and I hung out, had a couple drinks, then Carrie says, "Hey, let's go to Kirkland and hit some of the bars there." So, we're all horny young(ish) men, and we're like, "Cool." Y'know, in that nonchalant way that only a horny young(ish) man can say it and not sound nonhorny and non-nonchalant.

This CD is really good, Seth.

So, we all go to Kirkland (named after Captain Kirk?) and she shows us her apartment. Brave of her, really, considering she only just met us on Wednesday. Okay, maybe Tuesday. Brief stop, one of the guys hits the head, she changes something (coat?), we meet her bird (a cockatiel, 17 years old (two years past the usual maximum age (I forget his name))), and off we go across the street. We talk, drink, play pool, and I can't tell you how much I've needed to go out and just kick back. It was fun and I really enjoyed myself and the half-flirty conversations with Carrie. She's a lot of fun, very pretty, and very nice. It'll be nice to have her around the office.

So, I'm typing here and I'm going from my position as the Advertising & P.R. Manager where my boss requires that I put two spaces between sentences because he's read all sorts of crap about how two spaces creates the right amount of break for the human mind to stop and consider what's come before the two spaces so that it comprehends everything and communicates clearly, and my new job as a game designer where the editor just told me today that she doesn't like two spaces. So I have to consciously start editing out that second space in everything I write. Let me tell you, I've been hitting the delete key a lot.

The bar was fun. We drank, talked, played some pool, and then talked some more. Carrie's flirty, but she still seems very earnest, sincere, and cool all around. We leave, the two studs who are with us try to pick up on her but nothing really seems to happen for them and we hop in our cars and head off.

Now I'm comfortably ensconced in the familiar confines of my desk as I type away and listen to this excellent CD by the Pills and am considerably impressed by my ability to insert a couple of double and triple parenthetical statements in this post.

Soon I will go home and sleep in because I have nothing to do tomorrow except pick up comics and maybe come to work to do my own stuff. Cool.


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