Sunday, October 13, 2002

The weekend went as planned. I worked out Friday night. I helped some people from work move on Saturday. That was a bear. They have a ton of stuff, but really only needed me and the others to help move furniture. Everything was fine except for this huge, leather couch with built-in recliners on both ends. Ugh. I was the only one who could actually lift the thing unassisted, so I did most of the fanagling and lifting. Obviously it was a group effort, but man, was that a pain. I can't complain, though. The couple we were helping thought I worked so hard that they decided to let me have the T.V. I've been borrowing from them for the last month or so. Very cool. Now I don't have to absorb the cost of a new T.V.

Saturday evening I went out with the woman that contacted after many months of not corresponding. She's lost about 70 lbs after having her stomach cut down to the size of a thumb and looks good. I'm surprised she even had that much to lose. I checked back in my blog and found the entry of when we went out and she seems happier than she was in January, but she still makes things that don't need to be a competition into a competition. It's annoying.

Example, we're driving along, talking, and I say "106th Street leads from Bellevue to Kirkland".

She says, "No, it's Bellevue Way that leads to Kirkland."

"Oh", says I, "isn't that 106th? That's the street I was thinking of."

She says, "Nope, it's Bellevue Way. I'm right, you're wrong."

Riiight. Fine. She did something similar at another point in the evening, but all I can remember is her saying, "I beat you on that one." Seriously, is everything a competition? Should it be? I don't think so. I don't feel like I should have to compete every moment of every day. It's stupid. I'll have to see how this goes. So far she's not impressing me, but she was better than last time I saw her and seemed much happier. The whole 'competition' thing is big downer, though.

Sunday I hit the gym, picked up comics, did some invoicing for Corsair, and now I stopped by work to pick up some vides tapes to watch this evening.

So, that's all! G'night.


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