Saturday, August 16, 2003

Scott wrote to ask me how the Puppetry of the Penis show was. Here's what I wrote. (Mothers and people who are averse to reading the word penis should steer clear of the next section.)

First off, the show was filled with women. You'd be surprised how interested women are in penis stunts, I know I was (surprised, not interested. I have a penis, so I can do stunts whenever I choose.)

The show was two guys on stage with no scenery except for a large wall behind them that had a cutout in it that framed a large television screen so that everyone could see their tricks without really squinting...which I feel would have been sort of insulting to the performers.

Anyway, they were pretty good showmen, so they did a good job of making it entertaining. The "installations" (as they called the tricks they performed) were funny, but I think they were really more appropriate for people who aren't familiar with how...flexible, elastic, and...resilient the penis and it's surrounding equipment is.

Wow, what a stupid paragraph that was.

Anyway, it was funny, especially to see the reactions of the women around me. They were simultaneously amazed and disgusted by what the performers were doing. Clearly they thought it should be painful or something, but I don't think any of the men thought anything of it. In fact, they were probably all thinking, "All those hours spent messing around with that thing and these guys take it on the road? Somehow I feel cheated."

I think that's all for now.


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