Wednesday, November 05, 2003

With help from Seth I have some pictures of the pumpkins from last week's pumpkin-carving fest. Mine's the ghost on the upper left. There's more ghosts, Edward Scissorhands, a cool skull, and more traditional pumpkin faces. The one at the middle-bottom I don't want to talk about.

And here's a group shot of Jen (She-Devil), Shana (Drunken '50's Housewife), Cathy ('80's Prom Girl), Shane (Clockwork Orange Gangmember), Laina (Catholic Schoolgirl), and me (Clown) at the party.

And finally, a close-up of yours truly. I even shaved off my goatee for this. That's dedication!

Unlike many people, I actually like clowns. Heck, my room used to be decorated with them when I was a kid. Others feel differently, so I figured that would be a freaky costume. Seth thinks I acheived my goal.


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