Thursday, February 12, 2004

WOOOHOOO! That's all I gotta say!

After work tonight a handful of us went to Cathy's to hang out with her and offer moral support for her as she waited to hear the results of Shane's meeting with the consulate in South Africa. And, as I said, WOOOHOOO!

Just as Jen and I were about to leave the phone rang and Cathy answered it. They talked for a couple seconds, then she kinda collapsed on the bed and none of us were sure what was up. She let us know that everything was fine and he'd been grilled (nicely) by the people at the consulate, but he'd be able to return to the States right away!

The company had already purchased a ticket for him, so he'll be back on Saturday afternoon.

Phil, THANK YOU for all you did. Can you send me some contact info for Barbara and the Chief of Staff?

I am so freaking happy.


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