Monday, February 02, 2004

You know how sometimes you just need to take a break?

That's tonight for me. I know I should go to the gym, but I left work, did some grocery shopping, had some dinner, and now I'm sitting in front of the computer thinking about what I should do next. Like I said, I should go to the gym, but instead I'm going to relax, read, and try to get to bed early. Is that so wrong? I don't think so, but I'll still feel guilty about it. I just need to recharge a bit.

Hopefully I won't get food poisoning from the burrito left over from yesterday that I just ate. That would be bad.

A friend at work chided me for not updating often enough. I'll try to be more reliable.

Oh, remember my friend Shane who's been deported back to South Africa because of some SNAFU regarding his visa and possport? Well, he has some great friends here and they all got together and put together a "Free Shane" store on CafePress. I'd love it if you went there and bought something -- especially if you wore it on February 12th because that's the day he's meeting the people at the consulate about clearing up the problem. The various designs were created by some of the graphic designers at work. Let me know if you buy something, please! I'd love to know who's wearing this stuff and where you are. No one (except hopefully CafePress) is making any money on this, so don't feel like you're donating money to anything, just know you're adding positive vibes to the world -- I'm sure that will help Shane return to his girlfriend, the rest of his friends here, and to his work.

Oh, the shirt with the green area on it has a self-portrait of Shane on it, the design on the shirt was designed by Cathy. The shirt with the caricature of Shane saying "Liberty is oosome" is by Vic (yes, Shane talks like that; he's a dirty foreigner). Finally, the picture of Shane with the caption "Libertad Siempre" was designed by the fiancee of the photographer at work. We'd like this shirt to replace all those old, tired Che Guevara shirts. It has the same feel, but is more modern and hip. I think you'll be pleased with the looks you'll get when you wear this. I've already ordered a few of the shirts listed above.

Wow, staying home tonight is a really good idea. I'm definitely sticking around.

I still have all my gift certificates to use at Best Buy and I'm really looking forward to that spending spree. That will be fun. Maybe I'll do that some time this week.


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