Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Same But Different

We had another movie outing graciously paid for by work today. I think I've missed the last two movies because work hadn't allowed it, but this time (even though I had plenty to do) I was able to go. Then I ended up staying until almost eight o'clock, so it was pretty much the same as not going, right?

The movie was Constantine and I'm surprised to say it was actually pretty good. It wasn't the character from the comics, but it was fairly easy to divorce from that character -- probably because he had a shotgun made out of a golden cross and was played by Keaneau Reeves . . . and it was set in L.A. instead of England and . . .

Well, you get the idea. I'm not a die-hard John Constantine fan (though I definitely like him), so I wasn't offended by what was on the screen in front of me. I thought they did a good job of getting the character right enough times throughout the movie to balance out the parts that were oh-so-wrong. I really wish he'd smoked one last cigarette, though. That would have been quintessential Constantine.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that DC Comics was on-the-ball enough to put the Vertigo imprint logo at the beginning credits of the movie instead of the regular DC Comics logo. Those are two very different "universes." By the way, they released a special Constantine collection of stories in case you're interested in reading more about the character that inspired the movie.

What about life? Well, I'm busy at work and trying to get yearly reviews done for everyone as well as work on Marvel, DC, a new boardgame, as well as another new game that's really the one I'm supposed to be concentrating on. Tomorrow I have to kidnap one of the other designers and get him to give me a hand, otherwise I'm in trouble come Monday.

See you soon.


At February 26, 2005 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Constantine last night and while I agree that the character is set up a little differently than the stories, I thought they got the soul of the character perfectly right. That is, until he didn't have the last cigarette, like you said.
That said, I LOVED it, even though I normally dislike Keanu. Giving the finger to the devil was possibly one of the coolest things I have ever seen. heh heh.



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