Sunday, January 30, 2005

Better, but not better.

The second half of last week was kinda rough. I wasn't feeling well at all; running a fever, not sleeping well, going to work anyway because of some important meetings, not being able to think to actually do any work on rules and such. Bad. I was slowly feeling better over the course of days, and I had some fairly good hours, but mostly I was sick -- though not sick enough to really impdede me.

I did an okay job of taking care of myself with pills, trying to get good sleep, etc, but it didn't help much. Friday night and Saturday I did nothing except sit at home, relax, and watch DVDs. I finished the commentary track on Anchorman and then started in on the Firefly DVDs that Kytte leant me. I watched them all on Saturday and I gotta say, they're really good. I have no clue what Fox was thinking when they short-shrifted the show the way they did. I' really like to find out more about the characters and the universe. I'm sure that means I'll have to go see Serenity when it's released, hopefully later this year.

Anyway, I'm feeling almost completely better, but not quite. Hopefully another night with Nyquil and I'll be better tomorrow. I may post more later tonight.


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