Monday, October 17, 2005

Gaming Weekend

Last week was normal. Nothing really stood out because I spent most of my time away from work trying to weed out my Magic collection (an ongoing project). The weekend is a different matter.

Somehow this last weekend turned into a big gaming weekend for me. Friday night after Vic and Kelly's baby shower at work I went with Matt, Isaac, and Rollie to the new Uncle's Games in Crossroads mall to play a Magic booster draft. Then Saturday I went down to the game day that WizKids was having at the Alki Room in Seattle Center where I played a couple of games using the new Armor Wars set. It was fun to see everyone playing, but it was a bit weird that this was the first release that I didn't have much to do with (other than the set list and the stats for Captain America). It seems my time with HeroClix is officially over. Sigh. Oh well, maybe I can start enjoying the game again. As a matter of fact, I really enjoyed playing the other day, so I may have to get some games going now and again. I'm sure Seth won't want to play, though.

After the Game Day thingie, I went to Matt's for dinner and some more Magic. He made some great prok chops on the grill and some fixin's then he wanted to try out a new constructed deck, so we did that until around midnight. For some reason when I got home I got busy organizing my Magic cards and stayed up until almost four o'clock. It's that same thing as always, if I have something to do, I just don't seem to get tired. That ended up screwing up my sleep schedule, though, so I'm going to force myself to get to bed soon to try and reset it.

Sunday after I woke up at noon. Noon! Criminy! I had things to do! Ah, well. Instead I ended up running some errands, then going to James' apartment for an afternoon/evening of poker with a bunch of people. Some of the players were pretty talky, so we didn't get a lot of playing done, but it was still a lot of fun. I even had a couple of good hands right before we called it a night, otherwise it was all carp.

Today I worked on a new version of one of our games and made notes on something else I'm working on for the company that owns us. I hope both of them go somewhere because they're two very different projects that I think would be great for the company.

I've been mulling over a number of story ideas in my head lately and I think I've solved one of the big questions I've had for one of them. The other is still a bit iffy, but I spend a lot of time thinking about them both throughout the day, oddly enough, it seems like I get the best ideas as I lay in bed at night and drift off to sleep while thinking of them. Maybe because nothing else is distracting me?

Oh, I finished the first of the new Shadowrun novels this weekend. It was a very basic introductory novel, but it was well-written (compared to the last novel I read which wasn't, in my opinion). I think the novel releases this month sometime (I had a preview copy), so check it out if urban-cyber-fantasy is your cupa. Next on the list is the latest from Gaiman, The Anansi Boys -- which I always think sounds like a combination of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Maybe it's just me.

By the way, everyone should go buy Tsuro. It's finally out and it's great. You won't be disappointed.

Okay, time to make myself sleep.


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