Monday, October 10, 2005

Sometimes I Just Don't Know Where The Time Goes

It feels like it's been six weeks since my last update. I mean, even Kevin and Donna have updated in the past week and I've been a total slacker.

Luckily, I have an excuse. I've been busy. Pretty good excuse, eh?

Thursday Shane and I sat down and started working on our movie script. We have the first scene written and worked out a few more of the kinks in the story, so we're on our way. This thursday I'm planning to rewrite everything into the correct format and touch up what we've done so far. We both think this will be the best movie ever, so it has a lot to live up to. You'll see we were right on opening weekend -- which will probably start on a Wednesday sometime in 2007.

Friday night I went with Matt, Isaac, Rollie, and Seth to a Magic release tournament in Crossroads mall. It was fun to see the new cards (and pick some up), but the tourney didn't go well for me. I made a bad choice early on and it resulted in me not having any fun at all. See, I insisted on playing Red/White and I should have played White/Green. Oh well.

Saturday I cleaned and organized around the apartment, which was pretty fun, actually. And then went to a housewarming party at Jen and Hays' for the evening. It was another "Short Attention Span Film Festival" so everyone brought a short video clip or scene from a DVD and showed it on Hays' gratuitously large television. (By the way, most of the people I know out here seem to have gratuitously large televisions and I'm beginning to feel inadequate. So if you're wondering what I need for Christmas, the smart money is on a huge flatscreen television.)

Sunday I met with Shane and Cathy for comics, then hung out with them for a bit downtown before coming back for my first City of Heroes game in a couple of weeks.

Monday was work, and by work I mean I had meetings all day, then went to the doctor. I'm still alive.

More later.


At October 11, 2005 8:34 AM, Blogger Lou Wainwright said...


I highly encourage you to get a flat screen TV, in particular a plasma. Picture quality is amazing, and nothing declutters a room faster than being able to hang the TV on the wall. I have two. :)

Also, I STRONGLY recommend that you buy your plasma tv from Conviently for you they are located in Seattle, but I'd recommend them anyway (after all, I'm in Boston). They have great service and phenomenal prices. Trust me, I've done a lot of research and they are the best.

Also I strongly recommend one of the Panasonic Plasma TV's. I'd go no smaller than 42", which is what I have. Prices have fallen drastically and the 42" is now only $1,374. I bought my first one two years ago for $2,995. Note that that's not HD. Personally I'm still not on board with HD because I find that it only increases my enjoyment of sports, and that's not enough to justify the significant extra cost. If you want HD though the 50" HD is only $2,964 which is $2000 less than it was only 18 months ago!


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