Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Done and Not Quite Done

We're all moved!

We had a crew of 8-12 people over the course of seven hours on Saturday and we managed to get everything moved except for some cleaning supplies and straggling belongings that will fit into our cars. Wow, it was a colossal move, especially all of my comics, books, and games. I'm a moron for having all that crap.

Julia's done a great job getting the kitchen organized and we've both spent time in the living room getting everything thing in place, but the rest of the house still needs work. The nice thing is that we're here and so is everything else, so we can unpack and organize, then take breaks whenever we want.

Cable's hooked up, so we can entertain ourselves and I have access to the 'net again, so I can get some work done for work between bouts of getting work done around the house.

I really need to lower this desk. It's at an uncomfortable height for typing.

In other news; it was interesting to hear that the company that makes Eve Online has purchased White Wolf. It will be interesting to see how an electronic game company deals with the comparatively small profits that come from a role-playing game company. Of course, the acquisition may have just been for the the intellectual properties, which would make great online games.

Okay, time to work some more.


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