Friday, October 05, 2007

Buying and Selling

Well, my eBay auctions are going well. Actually they're going a bit better than I would have thought so early in their listing. I can' wait to see how things wind up next week. I'll be using the money from the auctions to buy Jason's big-screen TV before he takes off for London and it looks like I'll be able to do that without any problems.

Jumping back in time a bit; Sunday I finished the first chapter (about 10,000 words) of my freelance assignment. It was mid-evening and Julia was bored, so we decided to do some shopping. She wanted some new clothes now that she's got a new job and I figured it couldn't hurt to look for some things for me; especially some warmer stuff since we're trying not to go broke heating our house. (With oil. Ugh.)

Julia found a number of nice outfits, but not by the designer she was specifically looking for. And I was surprised to find some things that fit me and looked great. When I say I was suprised, I really mean it. I haven't purchased new clothes outside of socks and underwear at a "normal" store in, um, ever really. I was always so big that I had to go to a big and tall store or TSC. (That's the Tractor Supply Company for the unknowing. Which, by the way, carries jeans and slothing that go up to absolutely enormous sizes.) And here I was at Target trying on XXL clothes and fitting in them. That was pretty cool. I was wearing 4XL not so long ago. So, I picked up a cool new jacket, dark grey sweatshirt, four thermal shirts in cool muted colors, a black polo, and some new socks. Can't forget the socks. I've been wearing new stuff all weak and I love it. They're all very comfy and and warm . . . and I think they look pretty good, too. Awesome.

As for the rest of the week: Tuesday night we played REIGN (also now available in softcover) which was a lot of fun. We tried to circumvent the normal investigation of the mystery portion of the game by posing as Imperial investigators and were mostly successful, but by the end of the game one of the PCs (Seth's "bard") had been locked in the basement with . . . something, while the rest of us were tied up with the guards. I felt bad for a couple of the other players who weren't involed in that part of the game because they ended up sitting and doing very little while the rest of us got into trouble. I've always felt that balance and equal time at center stage is important in a game, but I didn't realize how out-of-whack the game was until I thought about it on the way down the stairs at the end of the night.

Wednesday and Thursday I wrote, and really it's generous of me to call it that. I think I wrote 200 words Wednesday night. I just couldn't get in the groove, probably because it was the start of a new chapter. Thursday night I did much better, putting about at least three to five times that amount on paper, which is good. I'm still a bit nervous about the deadline for the whole thing, so I may have to talk to the developer about a small extension.

Oh, last week Seth and I received a file with the completed and layed out Iron Age book from Hal at Green Ronin. We had to proofread it and give him feedback. We did that, but mostly we were excited to see that project in it's next-to-final form. It was great to see all the artwork (which I hope some samples of which will be posted to the Green Ronin site soon). It's supposed to release in November and I hope everyone likes it as much as I do.

Okay, enough for now. Talk more soon.


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