Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Strange Visitors

Okay, not so strange visitors, but last Thursday my mom and grandma arrived from Wisconsin. The pair of them were last hear in November of 2002 and they were excited to see the new house and meet Julia's parents.

Thursday after they arrived we went straight to the Thai place near our house and had a late lunch. Mom and Gram both liked Thai food the last time they were here and they don't really get much of it in Burlington. They particularly enjoyed the Thai iced tea . . . but who doesn't? After lunch we went home and showed them the house, which they loved, and then we relaxed for the evening and chatted.

Friday I had to be up and moving early to meet with a guy who'd come to give us a quote on redoing our chimney (which is in pretty bad shape). That went well, but another guy was due to come on Tuesday and we haven't made a decision on anything yet. I'm sure we did something Friday during the day, but I can't remember what it was. In the afternoon we dressed up and headed down to Julia's parents' place so they could all meet. Julia's dad had picked up tickets to see the Seattle Symphony perform Mozart's Magic Flute, Clarinet Concerto, and his Requiem. It was great and Mom and Gram both said it was one of the best things they'd ever seen. Over the course of the evening we also learned that they'd never seen Amadeus, so we made plans to watch that later in the weekend.

Saturday we were all up and in the car by 9am to head up to Bellingham. We were there by around 11:30 and spent the rest of the day on Julia's mom and dad's boat. We anchored in a little inlet and enjoyed a day of grilling in the sun -- although it was particularly nice because Julia's mom and dad did all the grilling and all we had to do was enjoy it. Everyone enjoyed sitting in the sun and enjoying the wildlife. We saw a blue heron chase off another blue heron, an eagle flew by overhead, and a bunch of very loud seagulls. Oh, and we saw a dog exploring the waterfront and panic a bit when he'd managed to get himself stuck in a little cave in the small waterfront cliff. The trip back that night was long due to traffic, so by the time we'd made it back to town we were all ready for dinner, so we stopped by burgers at Burgermaster. I'd never been there before, and it was really good.

Sunday was a day of relaxation. We went out for breakfast at Lola, then we watched Amadeus and hung, talked, and watched TV. It was great to get a chance to just hang out and visit for a while.

Monday we had dinner, then drove around to Alki Beach, Fremont, the Zoo, Queen Anne (where we tried to see the view from Carry (sp?) Park, but it was too foggy), then went home so I could meet with Dylan. He Spent most of the afternoon with me and told me what I needed to upgrade my computer. After a quick trip to Fry's we'd picked up a couple gigs of RAM and a new video card. Now the computer is much faster and I am happy.

Finally, this morning Mom and Gram said goodbye to Julia when she headed to work and I took them to the airport. They should be getting back right around now. It was a great visit and I hope they can come back sometime. It was really nice of them to visit since I won't make it back home this year.


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