Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Rains Have Ended

While the rains that fell over the weekend weren't of thunderstorm intensity, they were very persistent. It started raining Saturday just before noon (if memory serves) and continued until Monday.

I wasn't worried about the water at all until Sunday night when it became clear that the water was pooling pretty badly in low-lying areas. I spent most of the weekend in the house, so I didn't quite realize what an issue the water was.

Our house was waterproofed by the people who owned it before us and the system works well. All the water is funneled under the house to a pit with a sump pump. When the water hits a certain level the pump kicks in and pushes the water outside so it drains to the street.

I noticed Monday morning, however, that some water had leaked in via the brick of the fireplace. The soot and ash lining the living room firebox was darker than normal because it was wet, so I went to check the downstairs firebox. Sure enough, it was dark and some water had even seeped out onto the floor. It wasn't much, but I cleaned it up fast and put some towels down to wick up any more water that came out. There are pergo floors down there, so water on those would be very bad.

Some friends were not as lucky. Shana's basement was flooded with a good 2+ feet of water that came up through her basement bathroom. What really sucks is that she just had new furniture delivered for her downstairs TV room. Ouch.

The commute wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Well, it wasn't any worse than it could be any other bad day, so that was good, but I didn have to take a couple of detours. Apart from that, I avoided all of the major road troubles (flooded roads, landslides, etc.).

Anyway, that's enough on the storms. Hopefully we won't get anything more like that for a long time.


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