Friday, November 16, 2007

A Few Things

First, I received an email yesterday from a friend from high school. He was a good friend then and we've talked infrequently over the years. For those who'd know him (which amounts pretty much to my mom), it was Teddy S. He's now going by Thaddeus and living in Wausau (after stints in Chicago (I think), Colorado, and Texas), and works as a loan manager. I tracked him down online and sent him my phone number. We talked this morning and I'm sure we'll talk again soon.

Last night Julia and I joined Shana for a birthday dinner at Talarico's Pizza in West Seattle. I was in a foul mood from spending 3 hours commuting, but I'd cheered up by the end of the meal (delicious pizza) and was feeling more myself. I should say that the commute was extended a bit because we had to pick up my car from the shop -- but it should finally be fixed now. Whew.

I posted last time about the One Laptop Per Child program and said I was "hoping and planning" to buy one myself. Unfortunately my finances just don't allow for it as much as I'd like to. Which sucks and it makes me very disappointed. It's not that I couldn't scrape together the $400, it's just that if I have $400 to scrape together, it should most definitely go towards my credit card or the house. I'm bummed. But if any of you want to send me money, I swear I'll put it towards the OLPC program. That way we could all contribute together! That's teamwork!

Lastly, today's a half day for me at work, so I can help Julia with some shopping at one of the infrequent gem and jewelry shows that come to town. They're actually pretty cool, so I really don't mind helping out. Plus, half day!


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