Friday, July 25, 2008

Did it!

At the end of my last post I mentioned that I was going to see the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Brian and I went (Julia opted out to work on jewelry for the show she has this weekend) over to Bellevue to see it and it really was good. I think it's one of those sequels that's better than the first movie, which is a rare accomplishment. The film is a bit long, but I think everything onscreen is needed to tell the story they wanted to tell.

I particularly liked how they'd updated all of the characters and especially how this wasn't a Joker origin story. And speaking of the Joker, I thought the choice to have him lick his lip frequently was a great touch. Not only because it made sense considering his scars, but also because it made him seem almost reptilian and therefore a bit more alien and menacing. Now I just hope that they don't "retire" the character from the following films because they don't want to "disrespect" the memory fo Heath Ledger and his last role.

Wednesday morning we got up early and dropped Brian at the airport and I thought things would return to normal, but then Tim Gerritsen called me during the day and asked me out to dinner. So, Wednesday night I met him and a co-worker who were in town for GameFest and went to dinner at the Honey Hole on Capital Hill for some yummy sandwiches. Catching up with Tim was great and it's good to see him and his company doing well. I wish him all the luck!

Thursday, Julia spent all day setting up her tables at the Renton Annual Art Fair. I met up with her at her parents' place after work and we went to see the house. They finished the interior paint and all the light fixtures and have now started on the landscaping. Julia took a bunch of pictures and I plan to get them up tonight or tomorrow, so be sure to check out the Flickr badge on the right for updates. Julia had a big hand in planning the landscaping and it's looking great. Right now a lot of plants and trees are in (but not all of them!) and the sod is coming soon. It's so exciting to see all of this come together and it's odd how long this whole process has taken while at the same time it seems to be going to quickly. Regardless, we're due to move into the place in less than a month!

Anyway, last night was opening night of the previously mentioned art fair. Julia has two big tables there and after the introductory festivities people started spending money and Julia sold a good handful of pieces and collected a couple business cards for custom orders. Hooray! I'm looking forward to getting down there this weekend to check out the rest of the event, if only for a few minutes.

Tonight, finally, I'll get to do some relaxing. Tomorrow I have to take pictures for things going on ebay and go to the condo to do some minor repair work on a refrigerator. Fun!


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