Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On the Phone

I forgot to mention that Scott (Willems) called me Sunday morning. Just as Brian, Julia, and I were getting ready to head out for a late breakfast at the Farmers' Market my phone rang and it was Scott heading to the game store just before going to his friend's to game. We chatted about his work, my work, the house, gaming, GenCon, and a couple of other things, then it was time for both of us to split; him to the game store he was sitting outside of and me to the market.

It sounds like teaching is going well for him and he's going to be a travelling teacher next year which isn't optimal, but it's okay by him. As for gaming, it was good to hear he's playing Deadlands and an 1880s-style super-hero game (one of my personal favorite settings).

Hopefully I'll get to spend some time with Scott again soon. I miss that guy.

Tonight: The Dark Knight!


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